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Certainly the good way for observation how quickly a time is passing, counting up with the edition of the PLUG's conference is. Recently, the Jesień Linuksowa became the oldest one and this year we'll celebrate the Tenth Anniversary!

Italo Vignoli

This time the Special Guest of Linux Autumn will be Italo Vignoli, one of the founders and a member of the Board of Directors of The Document Foundation, with responsibility for marketing and communication. He is also an international spokesman for the project. From September 2004 to the end of 2010 he has been a member of the marketing project. He is a member of Assoli, the Italian association of Free Software advocates.

We'd like to invite you at once to other specialist conferences organised or co-organised by Polish Linux Users Group: PyCon PL for Python programmers, PHPCon Poland for their collegues writing in PHP and the newest one, SmartDevCon concerned mobile technologies.

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10th edition of Jesień Linuksowa is off

We are thanking a lot everyone which took part in the tenth edition of the Linux Autumn - both for guests, attendees, sponsors as well as speakers. Thanks to you the conference is superbly and still is promising well for the future. This fact is inducing us to more and more active and better work on next years.
We are especially inviting you to visit the Stuff webpage, with presentations and (in near future) videos from individual talks on it. After signing on, each of you can share links to the picture gallery, blog entry and other materials tied from Jesień Linuksowa 2012. It is important for us, because nothing so well is giving the spirit of the party back, like individual opinions of her participants!

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