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Call for Proposals started

Jun 05, 2012

The subject matter of talks is wide. This year voting for the program by every registered user of the service will be possibile.

The subject matter of talks is wide as in every year. You can send us proposals concerned the GNU/Linux and Free and Open Source Software but we are open also to the nontechnical subjects, associated with FOSS - the legal and community aspects, the design and the project management. The most interesting proposals are the unusual ones, including the subjects difficult to find in manuals or Internet. The important is, that this year principles of talk selecting are changing. To the program large impact than so far attendees will have.

When Call for Proposals will finish, we'll start the voting for all proposals. The voting will consist in giving "plus" or "minus" to the proposal. One webpage user will be able to vote only once for each proposal.
User will know a title, an abstract and biography of the author, so potential speakers should especially make a proposal to be interesting and encouraging to give the "plus".
The Call for Proposals lasts till June 30 on this page.


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